Facing Challenges

How do people grow?  We grow through the development of our bodies and through the process of learning in our minds.  How do people learn? We learn by exploring, questioning, discovering, and by being challenged.  What does it mean to be challenged? To be challenged is to face a task or problem that requires work and effort.  Through this challenge, we begin to discover, test, stimulate the mind, and provide opportunities for growth.  No one grows in their area of comfort.  Imagine your place of comfort.  Is it at the beach?  In a tree?  Watching television?  Wherever your comfort place may be, think about how much you are learning and growing.  “The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy.” –Martin Luther King, Jr.

Challenges are different for each individual.  Some are challenged when faced with heights, while others are challenged when speaking publicly.  No two people share all of the same challenges.  People handle challenges differently, too.  Some prefer to face a challenge alone, while some like to share and talk about it. How one responds to challenges is crucial for growth.  Individuals can ignore the challenge or face it with confidence.

The Outdoor Learning Center strives to provide unique opportunities of challenges that stimulate growth for the individual and the team.  OLC presents a challenge and frames the experience to maximize growth.  Part of the growth process is how you address that challenge.  We help to guide individuals to think in positive and constructive ways, while encouraging success.  It is also important to reflect on your experiences to further understanding, discovery, and realization.  Some questions you could ask yourself are: What could I have done differently? What worked well? How did this make me feel and why?  Do not be afraid to tackle the challenges you are faced with because it can provide immense growth within yourself and around you.


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