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What Is a Low Ropes Course?

A ropes course can be called a challenge course, cooperation course, team course, obstacle course, and many other names.  Whatever the name may be, the principle of the course is the same.  A ropes course can consist of high and/or low elements, both of which we have at Horizons!  A low ropes course is a series of obstacles that provide challenges to a group of people to work together and achieve a common goal.  Some of the outcomes of participating in a low ropes course are:

  • improving team work, cooperation, and problem-solving skills
  • developing leadership skills
  • building relationships and trust with team members
  • enhancing communication skills
  • acquiring self -awareness and growth.

When participating in a low ropes course, the group is faced with smaller challenges that gradually get bigger as the group progresses.  An example of a low ropes course is the spider web.  The spider web looks exactly how it sounds, except in giant form!  The challenge is to get the group from one side of the spider web to the other side without touching any of the rope.  In order to accomplish this, the group must work together to develop a plan and assist one another through the varying holes.  After they have completed the task, the group comes together to debrief.



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