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Reviews from George Mason Peer Advisor Group

We recently had a Peer Advisor Group from George Mason come to OLC. Here is some of the feedback they gave us about our program:

Describe your weekend in a few sentences

  • “We did a low ropes course on Saturday after doing several icebreakers. At night, we had an awesome campfire! On Sunday, we did the high ropes course in the morning.”
  • “It was relaxing and serene. I learned a lot about myself and others. It was fun.”
  • “Fun, challenging, great bonding experience.”

What was your favorite low-rope element and why?

  •  “We loved the Whale Watch! You need everyone’s participation for strategies, communication, trusting one another.”
  • “Rope swing—it was fun and we still bonded and worked together.”
  • “The web because everyone in the group played a special part.”

What was your favorite high-rope element and why?

  • “The zip line! It took trust and was exhilarating and put people outside their comfort zones.”
  • “Rope swing—exhilarating, helped me get over my fear of heights because I knew I was secure in the harness.”
  • “Zip line because I felt free and it tested my trust.”

How was the food?

  • “Yummy! The variety was very accommodating.”
  • “Delicious! Superb coffee and the kitchen ladies were really nice.”
  • “Wonderful! I loved the brownies and veggie options.”

Comments about the Staff?

  •  “All of them were encouraging and friendly.”
  • “Fun! They treated us like adults; at other ropes courses I have been treated like a little kid. They were helpful and explained everything well.”
  • “The staff was fun and easy to talk to :).”

Sum up your experience at Horizons in 5 words or less

  • “Wonderful and beautiful.”
  • “Fun, challenging, helpful, bonding experience.”
  • “Memorable and adventurous.”

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